Leitrim PPN is a network of community/voluntary, social inclusion and environmental organisations, based in County Leitrim.

The purpose of the PPN is to:

  • Allow these groups to have input and have their voices heard within the formal decision-making structures of County Leitrim and its environs, including Leitrim County Council.
  • Organise the participation and representation of communities on decision making bodies in a fair, equitable and transparent manner.
  • Strengthen the capacity of communities and community organisations to contribute positively to the community in which they live or are active.
  • Provide information relevant to all community sectors and act as a hub around which information is distributed and received. With this in mind Leitrim PPN runs this website, and has it’s own Facebook and Twitter (@leitrimppn) accounts; as well as regularly distributing information via email and other local media channels.

Leitrim PPN is now the main way that Leitrim County Council and other formal bodies will connect with groups active in the county. Whenever the local authority needs people to participate in consultations or sit on the committees that form policies, such as Special Policy Committees it will call on the PPN to select these people by holding elections from amongst its members.

Leitrim PPN has a group called the secretariat that manage its activities at the County level. The members of this group are independent of the County Council and are elected by the members of the PPN.

Every group that joins the PPN has a vote and is able to nominate candidates for positions on decision-making bodies.

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