Wastewater Treatment – Leitrim PPN Research Update

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Background to Leitrim PPN Research:

Leitrim PPN initiated research on wastewater treatment options for single houses in 2018. The research is being carried out by the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction and in cooperation with Leitrim County Council. Progress to date and more…

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Research Update:

A review of documents relevant to this issue has been completed. These include guidance published by the EPA and  research undertaken by Trinity College in relation to the assessment of domestic wastewater as well as other relevant studies and regulations. Mr Bernard Greene, Head of Planning, Leitrim County Council, has helped in the supply of pertinent documents.


An understanding of Geographic Information Systems(GIS)-based decision support tools forms the basis of key methodology for this study. It allows for individual sites to be assessed based on geographic, site and soil parameters to determine the range of options appropriate, including the options for clustering of existing sites and extensions of sewer systems.

Explaining a GIS-based decision support tool. Research

An interim report should be available in February 2019 by which time case studies will have been identified and assessments under way.

We look forward to further updates.


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