Warmer homes grants

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Leitrim Warmer Homes is a not for profit enterprise and Leitrim PPN Member.

Established in 2007, the company specialize in cavity wall, attic and external wall insulation.

If your house was built before 2006, you may be able to receive up to €1,250.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI grant funding and industry energy credits towards the cost of insulating your attic and cavity wall.
Leitrim Warmer Homes are offering an additional 10% discount on all attic and cavity wall insulation in July.
Customers will be able to combine SEAI grants with their 10% discount to significantly save on their insulation work and future energy bills.SEAI grants of up to €6,000 are available for external wall insulation.
As a SEAI ) registered contractor, Leitrim Warmer Homes are independently audited and continually inspected so our customers can be assured of the highest quality workmanship.Contact us on 07196 40771 or info@leitrimwarmerhomes.ie

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