Traveller Mental Health Initiative Funding

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What Is The Dormant Accounts Fund Action Plan Mental Health Initiative For Travellers?

Under the Dormant Accounts Fund 2017-2019 Action Plan €500000 has been allocated to develop Traveller mental health initiatives, to improve mental health outcomes for Travellers and to reduce suicide. These initiatives include maintaining and promoting positive mental health and well being and improving Traveller access to mainstream mental health services through the development of culturally appropriate services. €460000 is available for grant allocation and €40000 for evaluation. The aim of the funding is to support between six and eight proposals with grants ranging from €60000 to €80000.

Who is eligible to apply?

This is a targeted call for applications. It is anticipated that the targeted call for applications will include Traveller Representative organisations, Traveller organisations, Mental Health organisations and Traveller Health Units.

On line applications are being accepted from 11th June 2018 to 14th July 2018. Applications should be forwarded to More information about the funding, eligibility and selection criteria can be found at the link HERE

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