Summary Report -General Meeting of Leitrim PPN April 2019

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Leitrim PPN members attended a General Meeting in Drumshanbo on 3rd April 2019.

This was the last General Meeting before the Local and European Elections of 24th May next. Some Representatives are coming to the end of their current terms. Committees on which they sit will be reformed once the local councillors have been elected. If you are interested in becoming a Representative, keep an eye on the emails and newsletters for notice of nominations.

The summary below is just that and not a full minutes of the General Meeting.


In Brief.


Michael McGovern (Secretariat Facilitator) welcomed members to the General Meeting and outlined the workings of PPNs for new members. He welcomed the speakers, Dr Brian McCann from Sligo Institute of Technology and Scott Coombs – PPN Rep to Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) for Economic Development, Enterprise and planning. Liam Scollan was unavoidably prevented from attended and sent apologies.


Waste Water Treatment Research

Sustainable Options for Single House (Domestic) Leitrim PPN April 3rd Cover Slide of Presentation on Waste Water Treatment ResearchDr Brian McCann of Sligo IT has been supervising a research project on behalf of Leitrim PPN and in cooperation with Leitrim County Council. This research is looking at current systems and policy relating to waste water and building one-off houses. This is a hot topic in rural Leitrim and other parts of the country where the soil doesn’t allow for good percolation.

It examines factors such as current regulations and available technologies. The aim of Leitrim PPN is that potential solutions – technological and social – might be identified that raise the chances of permissions and lower the associated costs for people wanting to live in Leitrim.


The full presentation (1.3 MB) is available by  here – LINK TO PRESENTATION.

The research continues with case studies and another update by Autumn 2019.


Leitrim PPN Forestry Policy Review

Cover of Leitrim PPN Forestry Review Consultation ReportScott Coombs is a Leitrim PPN Representative on the Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) for Economic Development, Enterprise and Planning.  He presented an outline of the outcome of the public consultation which took place up to February 2019.

After the General Meeting, the SPC met on 23rd April and a motion was passed that

  • the report would be studied
  • that a response to each objective would be provided
  • that the findings of the report would be discussed by Leitrim County Council.

For the complete motion and Full Report of Consultation Findings – CLICK HERE – link to Leitrim PPN article.


Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

Aedin McLoughlin is one of 5 Leitrim PPN Reps to the Leitrim LCDC. She outlined the work of the LCDC over the past months. in summary, PPN representation on the LCDC is important but difficult due to confidentiality and the amount of work expected of volunteers. This work is getting easier as understanding of the PPN and its role in decision-making increases on the part of conveners and other members of committees – elected and from sectors. Questions from the floor focussed on paperwork and delays. These concerns were acknowledged. Aedin highlighted the help available from Leitrim Development Company.


Resource Worker Report and 2019 Workplan

An outline of the work since March 2018 was provide by Tracy Ferguson.

  • Mapping of Leitrim Defibrillators;
  • Waste Water Treatment Research
  • Forestry Policy Review Consultation
  • Increasing membership
  • Love Where You Live Awards
  • Communications
  • Membership of the North West Regional Network of PPNs (NWRPPN)

In general, the work has been enhanced by the good relations and collaboration with other agencies and organisations – Leitrim County Council, Leitrim Development Company, Leitrim Volunteering Information Service, NWRPPN, etc.  All of the above is ongoing. She acknowledged the challenges facing communities and voluntary committees.

She presented an overview of the Work Plan for 2019 –

  • Vision for Wellbeing for Co. Leitrim
  • Re-Registration of Members
  • Brexit consultation on the border counties
Amendment to Leitrim PPN Constitution

The General Meeting ratified the following amendment to the Leitrim PPN Constitution:


13.4        Elections to the Secretariat will take place every 5 years, where all members of the Secretariat will retire their seats.  A retiring Secretariat Member shall be eligible for re-election.


be amended to

13.4        Elections to the Secretariat will take place every 5 years, and as vacancies arise. To ensure continuity of experience, Secretariat members having served a 5 year term may  seek re-election without nomination for one more term of 5 years when less than 50% of the Secretariat remains.


The General Meeting also ratified postponement of elections for Leitrim PPN Representatives until after Local Authority elections 24th May 2019.


Minutes for the meeting will be available in due course.




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