Street Feast Returns

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Save the date- Street Feast is back on Sunday June 7th 2020!

What better way to get to know your neighbours that little bit better and celebrate the beginning of summer than by coming together to share food and conversation.

Last year, over 100,000 people across the country took part in the national day of neighbourhood lunches. This year, Street Feast is 11 years old and it’s goal remains the same- to build stronger & more resilient communities whilst tackling loneliness & isolation.

Registrations to host a feast and to receive your free party pack will open soon. We’ll be announcing the date over the next few weeks.

Slowly, the evenings are stretching out and blossom is appearing on the trees, hinting at the end of Winter and the arrival of Spring. With the change in season and brighter days, it’s the perfect motivation to start planning your neighbourhood lunch.

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