SPC – Strategic Policy Committee Representation 2019

SPCs -Strategic Policy CommitteesStrategic Policy Committees – SPCs

Following the 2019 Local Elections, the Annual Meeting of Leitrim County Council (07/06/2019) adopted a revised scheme for SPCs 2019-2024.

The new SPCs for this period are:

  • Planning, Economic Development and Infrastructure
  • Housing Community and Culture
  • Environment, Climate Action and Agriculture


SPCs – What Do They Do?

The SPCs are committees of the Council. They exist to advise and help the Council in the

formulation,         development,        and   review 

of policy.

The Council is and remains the decision- making Authority.

The remit of the SPC is to deal only with policy matters and as such they are strategic in nature. They have no remit in relation to routine operational matters in relation to delivery of services. The SPC system is intended to give Councillors and relevant Sectoral Interests an opportunity for full involvement in the policy making process from an early stage.

SPCs – How Do they Work?

SPCs normally meet at least 4 times a year at mutually agreed times and dates. In practice, these meetings are held during normal working hours Mon- Fri.

The work of the SPC is supported by the relevant Director of Services and staff. Background work, discussion and recommendations are completed at SPC level before final consideration and ratification by the Council. Each SPC provides advice and reports to the Council on any policy matter within their range of responsibility or on related issues. This may be on the initiative of the SPC or on the request of the Council or the Corporate Policy Group (CPG).

The SPC is represented at Council meetings by the SPC Chair, who normally presents the outcome of SPC work to the full Council.

Accordingly, SPCs adopt multi-annual work programmes linked to the Corporate Plan (See current consultation on same open until 30/10/2019).

Leitrim PPN Representation:

Before each meeting, the representatives are asked if they have any questions for the meeting. This is issued to the members of Leitrim PPN so that issues of interest to them may be raised. Each Leitrim PPN Representative has the right to raise questions and provide input to each SPC meeting.

Questions should receive a response and representatives should provide feedback on every meeting for the Leitrim PPN membership. An example of SPC Representation in action is the Forestry Policy Review Consultation carried out during 2018/2018   – CLICK HERE.

SPCs – Who is on them?

Planning, Economic Development and Infrastructure:

6 elected members and 4 sectoral: 2 PPN + one each from Business/Commercial and Development/Construction

Housing, Community and Culture:

6 elected members and 4 sectoral: 2 PPN + one each from Voluntary Housing Sector – Cultural / Creative Sector


Environment, Climate Action and Agriculture:

6 Elected Members 4 Sectoral Representatives : 1 PPN + one each from Agriculture/Farming (National Pillar) – Agriculture/Farming – Business/Commercial


The complete details of Strategic Policy Committees and the requirements of Leitrim PPN Representation from each committee can be downloaded from this site at the following links:


If you are interested in nominating or being nominated for any of the 5 Leitrim PPN SPC Representative vacancies – CLICK HERE – for form and other vacancies.


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