Sligo / Leitrim Divisional Policing Plan 2019

Published by An Garda Siochana

“This Annual Policing Plan for Sligo/Leitrim Division sets out our policing priorities and commitments for the coming year. It is my commitment that we deliver a high standard of policing. This can only be delivered in partnership with the community we serve, public representatives, other state bodies, non-government organisations and all other partner stakeholders. Consultation and feedback from external and internal stakeholder has informed this plan. It is also informed by the Garda Síochána
Strategy Statement 2019-2021. This plan when actioned and delivered will enhance the service delivered to the communities the Sligo/Leitrim Division.”

To download the entire plan (28 pages), click on the image below.

Policing PLan 2019 - Sligo Leitrim Divisional Plan Cover



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