Seeking Proposals for LEADER Idea Centres

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Leitrim Integrated Development Company CLG (LDC) is seeking expressions of interest from community organisations in Leitrim who may be interested in hosting an Innovation Hub within their premises known as a LEADER Idea Centre. The LEADER Idea Centre shall be a space to facilitate meetings /events/ training for a range of community groups and individuals who will be developing unique and innovative projects to achieve their goals and objectives. The host community building will be required to flexibly provide the space on a booked, per hour, (room hire only basis) over approx. two years until the end of October 2022. This call is on behalf of Icecream Architecture who will be using/hiring the LEADER Idea Centres as part of the delivery of the Innovating Communities Programme which is a LEADER co-operation training project being delivered across counties Leitrim, Cavan, Monaghan, Sligo, Louth, and Donegal with the aim of fostering innovative thinking and developments for communities, businesses and individuals.  There are likely to be two such LEADER Idea Centres one in North and one in South Leitrim.

If your organisation has the space and is interested in hosting such a LEADER Idea Centre, please email  for an expression of interest form.   Submission of an EOI does not guarantee that your venue / group  will be successful a shortlisting / application process may take place and a final decision on the location of the Idea Centres will be made by the LDC Board. This process is likely to be oversubscribed and competitive.

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