Rossinver Youth & Community Project Announce New Jobs

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Rossinver Youth & Community Project have been awarded POBAL funding to employ a Community Centre Manager and 2 full time workers under POBAL’s strand 3 group. This was a national campaign and the Board of Directors were delighted to hear this positive news.

Rossinver Youth Project were also successful in the tender for an Assertive Outreach Worker for North Leitrim and South Donegal. This part time position is funded through the HSE and the NWRDATF and is the first of its kind in the region. This news was also welcomed by many of the relevant services. 

Chairperson and Director of Rossinver Youth & Community Project Mr Philip Rooney said “February 2018 has been a great month for Rossinver and North Leitrim. A lot of hard work and dedication by the team has paid off and the future for our Community Centre in Rossinver and Rossinver itself is bright. There are already 3 full time Community Employment supervisors based in the Community Centre and 55 Community Employment participants attached to Rossinver Community Project all funded by the Department of Social Protection and now there will be 4 more jobs available. This is a high level of employment for a small rural area. Keep an eye on the RYCP Facebook page for details of the POBAL positions being advertised. He also thanked NWRDATF and POBAL for their support in funding and looks forward to working with them”


Applications for the position of Assertive Outreach Worker are open now and details are available . CLICK HERE

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