Response to Questions from Joint Policing Committee – 4 Dec 2017

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On 15th November last an email went out to all groups to see if anyone had issues or questions to raise with the Joint Policing Committee (JPC) of Leitrim. There were four questions and these were forwarded to our PPN Representatives on the JPC.

The meeting was held on 4th December and the questions were raised. The questions and the responses are shown below. If you would like to be specifically informed of issues to do with the Joint Policing Committee in Leitrim please email stating your group’s interest in the JPC.

Written responses were issued by Superintendent Kevin English.

Question No. 3
Submitted by Ms. Janice Raine-Conick (Community Representative)
Is it possible that the system of Garda Vetting could be streamlined by linking it to the PPS number of the individual applicant? We suggest that by using the PPS numbers the  whole system could be enhanced and vetting be annually updated through the completion of a short questionnaire. Currently individuals need to be Garda vetted multiple times, via separate applications, if the individual is involved with a number of different community groups. This is time consuming for both the individual concerned and the Gardai.Response: Chief Superintendent Aiden Glacken responded and indicated that it isn’t legally possible to link the PPS number to Garda vetting process. He indicated that the recent introduction of Electronic Vetting should provide an improved process.

Question No. 5

Submitted by Ms. Janice Raine-Conick (Community Representative)
LAPWD ask if there a possibility of greater use being made of the Garda Reserve to support the community work of Gardai by being free to visit local communities and possibly foot paroles in towns and villages.Written Response dated 22nd Jan 2018:
Currently, we have only two active Garda Reserves within Leitrim Garda District and when on duty they must be accompanied by a fulltime Garda.  Whilst Garda Reserves have limited powers they are employed on a  variety of community engagements initiatives. They are frequently deployed on covering a variety of evenets throughout the Distrcit. I would be pleased to provide their assistance to any community who are holding events/meetings.

Question No. 6

Submitted by Ms. Janice Raine-Conick (Community Representative)
LAPWD also ask that local Garda Stations have a message on their station phones outlining opening times plus information directing callers to another Station that is manned if Station one is closed for some reason. This request has been made in the past but as yet not all Stations make such information available.
Written Response dated 22nd Jan 2018:
As a result of your query I am currently reviewing current communication practices at all Garda stations within Leitrim Garda District that do not operate on a twenty-four hour opening schedule. They are in effect Kinlough, Drumshanbo, Ballinamore, Mohill and Carrigallen. I fully accept each of the aforementioned stations should have at a minimum a notice prominently displayed informing the local community of their daily opening hours. In instances where a telephone call is made to a station that is closed then that call should automatically transfer to either CK On Shannon or Manorhamilton Gards station as appropriate. I will keep this under review to ensure compliance with previous instructions issued and if you become aware of future noncompliance I would be pleased to be informed.

Question No. 7

Submitted by Ms. Sheila Mollaghan (Community Representative)
Can the Gardai provide an update on a previous request to have the Gardai visit elderly people in Health
Centres in Leitrim.
Response at Meeting
Superintendent Kevin English indicated that the Crime Prevention Office had visited last year but will make
Crime Prevention Officer available in the coming weeks.

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