Rally Around The River-Rallying Call !

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For many years now, many disparate individuals and groups have been undertaking tremendous
work to protect, strengthen, enhance and celebrate the largest river system on this island.

Riding the new green wave sweeping Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world, Limerick Environmental
Network have decided to call a
rally around the river – an opportunity to bring these groups and
people together and start collaborating and co-ordinating our shared stewardship of the River
Shannon and the human communities dependent upon it.

This rally should also be a cause of celebration – marking the cultural importance of the river as a source of inspiration and as a source of life.

To this end, all are invited to participate in this landmark event – artists, activists,
environmentalists, communities, organisations and residents of the Shannon region – everybody
is called upon to rally around our river, to celebrate what we intend to save.
Shape of the Rally:
Reflecting our understanding of the entire Shannon river system as a complex, intertwined and
interconnected whole, between nature, people and place, we want to explore five themes pertinent
to the River Shannon and draw out how they affect each other.
1. Energy and Shannon LNG
2. Water and Flooding
3. Biodiversity (Flora and Fauna)
4. Pollution
5. Culture and Community.
Participants will be invited under one of these themes to Day One of our
Rally around the River
event. There, we hope to map present action and stewardship along the length of the river and
create a space for networking and communicating to begin. We will also plan details of our Day
Two event, which will be a public outreach event, celebrating our river system and encouraging
wider engagement with it.
Day One: Curated Unconference; Date and Venue on registration.
Day Two: Public Outreach; Ormston House, 9-10 Patrick St, Limerick, Saturday 2 May 2020.
If you or your group would like to participate in or be represented at this event, please
contact us at:

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