The Secretariat manages the activities of Leitrim PPN. The members of this group are elected by the members of the PPN. Every group that joins the PPN has a vote and is able to nominate candidates for these positions.

Your Secretariat Members

The current Secretariat was ratified in June 2021. The Ballinamore seat is vacant as of September 2021 as a result of the passing of our colleague Francis Gilmartin. This seat will be filled in 2022.

NamePilarOrganisationTerm Ends
Frank CadamCommunityCounty Leitrim Percy French SocietyMay 2024
Aedin McLoughlinEnvironmentGood Energies Alliance IrelandMay 2024
Mella Ó BrolcháinEnvironmentLeitrim Local Environmental NetworkMay 2024
Brigid McGourtySocial InclusionNorth Leitrim Women’s GroupMay 2024
Mary AtumonyogoSocial InclusionLeitrim International Community GroupMay 2024
Peadar FlynnCarrick-on-ShannonMohill Resources LtdMay 2022
Gerry CreamerManorhamiltonCaisleáin Hamilton CLGMay 2024

Role of the Secretariat

  • Ensuring the proper functioning of Leitrim PPN in between general meetings of the PPN (called Plenaries) and facilitating the implementation of the decisions of the Plenary.
  • Coordinating the activities of the PPN.
  • Communicating extensively and regularly with all PPN members and sharing information concerning all PPN activities.
  • Handling all correspondence on behalf of Leitrim PPN.
  • Managing the PPN work plan, budget, and strategic direction in line with the decisions of the Plenary.

Structure of the Secretariat

The PPN Secretariat is made up of 9 members. This includes:

  • Two represent the Social Inclusion sector.
  • Two represent the Environmental sector.
  • Two represent the Community and Voluntary sector.
  • One represents Ballinamore
  • One represents Carrick-on-Shannon
  • One represents Manorhamilton Municipal Districts

How can my organisation become a member of the Secretariat?

Secretariat vacancies are filled through election at Plenary meetings which are held in Spring and Autumn annually. Members are notified of vacancies through email and the website. If your organisation is interested in submitting a nomination for a vacancy on the Secretariat, it must be a member of the PPN. You can check if your organisation is already a member here.

How do I get in touch with the Secretariat?

You can email correspondence for the attention of the Secretariat at: