PLENARY – 21st March 2018

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Leitrim PPN Plenary takes place on Wednesday 21st March 2018 at 8:00 pm.

What is Plenary?

Plenary is simply the meeting of all members. The reason we meet twice a year is to direct the work of the PPN in the coming months. It’s another chance for you to have your say about what is affecting you in your community outside the linkage groups or other structures.


Secretariat planning for 2018The agenda for Plenary reflects that it is an opportunity to get feedback from the PPN on what’s been happening and what might be coming up as well as get your voice heard.

Feedback from you and your groups suggests that Planning Issues are a concern to many. We are delighted to have expert speaker, Mr Ian Pudney to address the Plenary on that topic. Ian is a founding architect in Rhatigan Architects, Sligo. This company designed the recently built Primary Heath Care Centre in Ballinamore and they are experienced in private, commercial and community projects across county Leitrim and further afield. He will outline some of the issues that arise in planning and can take some questions – so be ready.

Agenda for Plenary HERE.



Nominations deadline for Leitrim PPN Representation has now passed.

You have nominated representatives to the following bodies as listed.


The following Nominations have been received:

NB: *16th March 2018: Mr John Bredin has withdrawn his nomination.

Nominations Received  
Pillar/MD Vacancy Nominee Nominating Group  
C-O-S Leitrim Dev Co Male John Bredin C-O-S Heritage Group  

To be ratified

C-O-S Leitrim Dev Co Male Peadar Flynn Mohill Resources CLG
C-O-S Leitrim Dev Co Female Teresa O’Callaghan C-O-S Heritage Group ELECTION WILL BE HELD
C-O-S Leitrim Dev Co Female Patricia Clarkson Leitrim International Community Group
Social Inclusion Joint Policing Committee Tommy Flynn Rossinver Community Development Association ELECTION WILL BE HELD
Social Inclusion Joint Policing Committee Nouri Azizi Leitrim International Community Group
Environment Secretariat —– n/a No nomination
Ballinamore Leitrim Dev Co Male B Damien Hamill Ballinamore Development Assoc To be ratified
Community NWRDATF Teresa O’Callaghan C-O-S Heritage Centre To be ratified



Where there was more than one nomination for a vacancy, an election will be held. This election will take place at the Plenary Meeting next Wednesday 21st March, 2018 at 8 pm in the Mayflower, Drumshanbo.


Candidates for election will be asked for a paragraph on themselves to demonstrate their experience for the role. This will be presented at Plenary.



Please note that each group has selected a person to vote on their behalf. As the main contact, you are the listed person. If you cannot attend the Plenary you may select another person from your group to vote. In order to do this, please provide the name of this alternative voter to Tracy Ferguson (Resource Worker) by 5 pm on Tuesday 20th March next. You may contact Tracy as per the details below.


We look forward to seeing you at Plenary.

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