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nominations wanted

Nominations are sought for 7 Leitrim PPN Representatives

  • Secretariat – Environmental Representative;
  • Leitrim Development Company Board of Management – Carrick on Shannon Municipal District, 1 man and 1 woman;
  • Leitrim Development Company Board of Management – Ballinamore Municipal District, 1 man;
  • Joint Policing Committee – Social Inclusion
  • North West Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force – Community & Voluntary Representatives x 2, 1 man and 1 woman.


In the case of more than one eligible nominee being put forward for any of the seven vacancies Elections will be held at the forthcoming County Plenary at the Mayflower Centre, Drumshanbo,   8:00 pm on Wednesday 21st March 2018

Nominations and Voting:

Every group registered to Leitrim PPN has one vote at County Plenary regarding decisions made and ratifications of elections. However, nominating and voting in elections are restricted as follows:

Committee Sector Electoral College Voting Rights
Secretariat Environmental Pillar All groups registered in Environmental Pillar
Board of Management, Leitrim Development Committee Carrick on Shannon Municipal District x 2 Groups Registered in Carrick on Shannon MD area – all Pillars
Board of Management, Leitrim Development Committee Ballinamore Municipal District Groups Registered in Ballinamore MD area – all Pillars
Joint Policing Committee Social Inclusion All groups registered in Social Inclusion Pillar
North West Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force Community & Voluntary Representation x 2 All groups registered Community & Voluntary Pillar


Should an election be required, elections will take place at the forthcoming Plenary and voting rights for election only will be the same as above.


Selection Criteria and Nomination Forms

Nomination Forms and Criteria for Selection of posts may be found at the links below and have been issued to the listed main contact of all PPN groups.






In making your nomination please take note of the following:

  • Elected representatives of Local Authorities may not be nominated through this process.
  • If anyone nominated through this process subsequently decides to enter electoral
    politics he/she must immediately resign their PPN representative role and the relevant
    nominating PPN Pillar or Linkage Group will choose a replacement.
  • A person who has been an elected representative of any level of Government (local or
    national) should not be chosen to represent PPN in any representative role for one year
    after completing their term of office.
  • All PPN representatives must meet the criteria laid down by the member organisations
    that they represent on the PPN.

If you have any queries about this process please don’t hesitate to contact Tracy:

Email:           Phone: 087 183 1253  or  071 96 20005 ext 544

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