Nominations Requested for Leitrim PPN Representatives

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Leitrim PPN is now calling for representatives to sit on decision making bodies in the County.

Would you like to take part in decision making in County Leitrim?

If so, then Leitrim PPN needs you as a representative.

In total, Leitrim PPN has representation on 11 Boards and committees. Most of the Committees meet about 4 times a year and many of the meetings take place on a weekday during normal work hours. Representatives would be expected to attend these meetings which are mostly scheduled well in advance. Leitrim PPN will provide Representatives with an induction pack once nominated.

To find out more about the role and to fill out the application form, please click on the links below. All applications must be submitted by 5pm on Tuesday 1st November 2022.

Thank you!

Leitrim PPN Secretariat (x 4 seats) click here

Board of Leitrim Development Company (x 5 seats) click here

Leader Evaluation Committee (x 2 seats) click here

Special Policy Committee for Planning, Economic Development, and Infrastructure (x 1 seat) click here

Leitrim Sports Partnership Board Members (x 2 seats) click here

Special Policy Committee for Housing, Community and Culture (x 1 seat) click here

Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force (x 1 seat) click here

Any queries please contact us on


Some of the nominating categories have not been specified and may be subject to clarification. Every attempt will be made to issue such clarification at the earliest opportunity.

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