Looking After Leitrim’s Environment

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The Leitrim Environmental Group is a collaboration of individuals and some elected representatives that joined together last year to promote environmental concerns.

Supported by Leitrim County Council.

Last year the group gathered 2000 signatures and got a motion passed at Council  to prohibit the use of herbicides in all amenity areas. The motion that was passed was directed at Leitrim County Council to stop immediately all use of toxic non organic spraying that can cause health and safety concerns to all that may come into contact with them in public areas.


Your Help is Required

As organisations that play vital roles supporting services, business and people in our close knit communities they are now calling on all community related groups including TÚS and other Job schemes, Sports Clubs including all GAA clubs, Town committees, Voluntary based groups, Schools, Medical Centres, Supermarket Parking Lots and Churches to follow in the Council’s brave steps to uphold this ban and use organic alternatives only on their grounds.

This step will ensure that a safer, cleaner living environment for current and future generations is maintained naturally and safely.

Some of the products banned included are household names such as

  • Pathclear
  • RoundUp
  • Mossgo
  • Rambo
  • Weedol
  • Gallup and other Glyphosate based weed killers, and others not mentioned here.


The Good News

The alternatives are fairly straight forward such as horticulture white vinegar (acetic acid), critric acid, baking soda, hot water, power washing all have a high success rate.
There is a huge amount of organic herbicides to choose from online and these can be ordered in or purchased in certain Co-ops which would be the cheaper option.
The Irish Organic Weed killer product is a small bit more expensive than say Monsanto’s RoundUp but wholesale suppliers could be used to reduce the price. There are also numerous homemade mixes online that can made up tried and tested to suit the user.

Hand weeding with a wire brush and edging areas can prevent weeds returning.

It’s common sense to choose from what is available. Shops and businesses can use a kettle of hot water on say a path or directly in front of a building where it will kill weeds instantly down to the root, it’s extremely handy for small areas.

Feedback  from the public through the Leitrim Environmental Group’s campaign was that people are disgusted by large areas that have that ‘dead RoundUp look’ that lasts the whole summer and they are also afraid to let pet’s or children near these areas.

The goodwill of maintenance personnel and the motivation of leaders will be needed to make the change and refill the knapsack with organic weed killers.

The group has offered some links that will be of help below. Already, there are some Tidy Town committees who have adopted the organic approach and are extremely happy with the results and also for their volunteers to be in a safe working environment is a huge plus.

Thanks for your support to make a change over  –

Leitrim Environmental Group


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