Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

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The Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs) were established in every local authority area as part of the 2014 Local Government Reforms.


About the LCDC

As it says on the tin, this committee oversees, reviews, advises, implements and ensures effectiveness of local community development actions. It has a key role in making sure community is considered in plans and policies.

In more detail, the LCDC functions to:

  • Prepare the community elements of a six year local economic and community plan (LECP) and to implement or ensure implementation of the community elements
  • Review the community elements of the plan at least once during its term. It monitors the implementation of the community elements and revises or amends as necessary
  • Co-ordinate, manage and oversee the implementation of local and community development programmes that have been approved; for e.g. Social Inclusion and Community Activiation Progrmme (SICAP) & LEADER.
  • Ensure effectiveness, consistency, co-ordination etc between public funded and community development programmes and co-ordination of all local and community development programmes
  • Report annually on the performance of its functions
  • It has a role in co-ordinating, managing and overseeing the implementation of local and community development programmes

There are 2 sub committees of the LCDC:  the Social Inclusion Equality Committee (SEC) and the Rural Development Operation Committee (RDOC)


What to Expect as a Representative

Meetings: The LCDC meets approx 10 times in the year. This is more often than other committees having PPN Representation. The meetings are held during the week at agreed times  during normal working hours. You have the right to raise questions and provide input equal to any other member of the LCDC.

You can expect to receive quite a bit of reading before every meeting. The LCDC meetings also cover the Local Area Group funding and matters and confidentiality and discretion is an important requirement of LCDC representation. Having said that, feedback to Leitrim PPN is also critical and support will be provided to navigate and balance the two.

Training and Sub-Committees

As an LCDC Representative you may be asked to attend training provided by Leitrim PPN, The Dept or Rural and Community Development, Leitrim County Council or other agencies. You may also be asked to sit on sub committees as those above or others established for specific projects such as Healthy Ireland.


Who Else is on the LCDC? 

Leitrim LCDC has 17 members of which there are 8 public reps and 9 community reps.

  • Public: 4 Leitrim Co. Council, 4 public sector (HSE, LEO, Social Protection and Teagasc) and
  • Private: 5  Leitrim PPN, 1 business, 1 Family Resource Centres, 1 Leitrim Development Co and 1 IFA.


The term of LCDC PPN Representatives is 3 years regardless of when you start. You may seek a second term but this is not guaranteed. Some of the current representatives are sitting for their second term and will be required to step down in Nov. 2020.


If you have more questions, get in touch.

The closing date for Nominations is 31st October 2019. to download nomination form – CLICK HERE


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