Leitrim PPN Representation – Nominations Sought

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Representation – Would you like to be part of the making decisions about things that affect us in Leitrim?

Do you think you can represent your community and provide clear feedback?

Are you interested in a certain area of policy – arts, roads, parks and playgrounds, social enterprise, inclusion, community values?

If so, Leitrim PPN needs you or someone you know as a Representative.

nominations -Structure of PPN with MDs


Leitrim PPN Representation

In total, Leitrim PPN has representation on 11 Boards and committees. These discussion groups feed into decisions made about our local environment, policing, roads, transport, recreations, sports and much more.

At the General Meeting of Leitrim PPN in April 2019, it was decided that any naturally occurring vacancies would be filled after the Local Authority elections in May 2019. The time has come to fill all posts.



Just a word of thanks to our outgoing and all current representatives. They have taken on representation at a time when the role of Public Participation Networks was developing and built a foundation for new representatives.  Thank you for your time and commitment.



Nominations are sought for the Following Vacancies:

Committee/Board No. of Nominees Sectoral Representation (& Nominating Body) Who Can /Nominate/Vote
Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs)

SPC – Planning, Economic Development and Infrastructure



1 Nominee x Environmental/Conservation (Environmental College under PPN arrangements)

1 Nominee x Social Enterprise (PPN)

1 Vote from each Environmental Group


1 Vote from each Social Inclusion Group

SPC  – Housing Community and Culture 2 Social Inclusion (PPN) – 1 Nominee


Community/Voluntary (PPN)  – 1 Nominee

1 Vote from each Social Inclusion Group

1 vote from each Community and Voluntary Group

SPC – Environment, Climate Action and Agriculture


1 Environmental/Conservation (Environmental College under PPN arrangements) – 1 Nominee 1 Vote from each Environmental Group


Joint Policing Committee 4 No restrictions on representation. All groups shall have 1 vote each.
Local Community Development Committee 1 Social Inclusion 1 Vote from each Social Inclusion Group
Leitrim Childcare Committee 1 No restrictions on representation. C&V and SI groups shall have 1 vote each.
County Enterprise Fund 1 No restrictions on representation. All groups shall have 1 vote each.
LEADER Evaluation Committee 1 Youth Representative C&V and SI groups shall have 1 vote each.
LEADER Evaluation Committee 1 Carrick on Shannon MD Carrick on Shannon MD groups shall have 1 vote each.
North West Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force 2 Community Representatives

(One man, one woman)

1 vote from each C & V Groups



Process of Nomination

Every group in the PPN is both a member of a “pillar” – Social Inclusion, Community & Voluntary or Environment – and also based in a Municipal District (MD) – Ballinamore, Carrick on Shannon or Manorhamilton. Depending on the vacancy, your group can nominate by virtue of being a member of a certain pillar or being based in one of the MDs. This detail is outlined in the table above.

Make sure your group is eligible to nominate for a particular role and complete (fully) the nomination form.

Leitrim PPN welcomes nominations from all sectors of the community in Leitrim.


What is Expected of a Representative?

Before you nominate, you should make sure that the person being nominated is able and willing to fulfill the role. Most of the Committees meet about 4 times a year and many of the meetings take place on a week day during normal work hours. Representatives would be expected to attend these meetings which are mostly scheduled well in advance.

Please note, the Local Community Development Committee meets about 10 times a year and would have considerable materials to read before each meeting.

An induction pack is being developed for all Leitrim PPN Representatives and each new rep will be expected to attend a short briefing before going to their first meeting.

Candidates don’t need to be experts in the area but they should have more than a passing interest in community matters and ideally the business of the committee to which they are being nominated.

Leitrim PPN Representatives are expected to provide general feedback on the matters discussed at their meetings so that the wider membership can identify potential concerns, areas of input and/or raise items that are relevant. This is the most important aspect of representation. This feedback loop is critical in making participation real and useful.


Nomination Forms

Nomination Forms are available by clicking the links below. In light of the large number of vacancies and with the intention of making things easier, a generic online nomination form has also been created. Please make sure to complete every bit of the nomination forms. We need to have full details in case of any query.

All forms should be submitted by 4 pm on Thursday 31st October 2019.

SPC Planning

SPC Housing_Social_Culture

SPC Environment

Joint Policing Committee


Leitrim Childcare Committee

Leitrim County Enterprise Fund



NWRDATF (m)  and NWRDATF (f)


For Link to Generic Online Nomination Form – CLICK HERE

Further specific details of each Committee will be advised in the coming days. Alternatively, contact us at info@leitrimppn.ie or phone 087 183 1253 if you need more information.


Some of the nominating categories have not been specified and may be subject to clarification. Every attempt will be made to issue such clarification at the earliest opportunity. 


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