Leitrim PPN Representation General Requirements

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Representation Matters! The bottom line on PPN representation is feedback from the meetings that you attend. This does not need to be extensive but members should be able to see what issues re being discussed. they need to know why. This is so they can provide input and/or raise questions about what is being planned. Members may have issues that need to be put to committees to inform their decisions.



In general, meetings are held during normal office hours, Mon – Fri. Most committees meet 4 times a year but some, like the Local Community Development Committee, may meet more often.

A PPN rep is expected to attend the scheduled meetings and have read the agenda and any documents sent out before the meeting. Attendance is recorded. On the bright side, no rep is expected to be out of pocket for attending meetings of the committee on which they sit. Travel costs are provided at a rate per km.


Leitrim PPN holds at least 2 General Meetings per year, scheduled well in advance and typically in Spring and Autumn. There may also be Municipal District or special interest meetings. Attendance for these is not compulsory but is welcome.


Training & Support

Reps will be supported by a brief induction from Leitrim PPN and some committees also provide the same. The Resource Worker is available to reps for questions and other supports. Depending on the committee, other training may be provided on a needs basis.



PPN representatives and members had practical successes at national and local level. In Leitrim, consultation on Forestry Policy was undertaken and a motion passed to recognise and respond to the objectives noted through the process. Our Leitrim representatives on the Joint Policing Committee and North West Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force regularly took questions from members and raised their own in support of community issues.


In other counties, PPN reps have ensured disability access to sport and saved trees and areas of biodiversity through their engagement with decision-making boards. We don’t always hear about the positive effect of our representatives where their input is on a confidential or sensitive matter.


All of this is open to improvement as committees, authorities and community groups gain a deeper understanding of the role of Public Participation Networks and how the representation works.

If you are interested or know someone that would make a good representative for our community there are a range of vacancies open right now.


General details of what you might expect when representing on a committee are available here. You can download or access wider details and nomination forms by clicking on the links. If you have more queries please contact Leitrim PPN Resource Worker, Tracy at info@leitrimppn.ie or by phone at 087 183 1253.


Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs): 

  • Planning, Economic Development and Infrastructure
  • Housing Community and Culture
  • Environment, Climate Action and Agriculture

Representatives to SPCs will be required to consider a broad range of topics under the remit of each committee. An interest of many aspects of the community is a benefit.


Leitrim Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)


Joint Policing Committee


Leitrim Childcare Committee


Leitrim County Enterprise Fund


LEADER Evaluation Committee 

General Requirements


North West Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force

  • One woman and one man each nominated by Community and Voluntary Sector
  • Requirements
  • – Nomination Form (Woman); Nomination Form (Man)










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