Leitrim PPN Newsletter – 24th August 2018

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Funding, progress reports, focus on groups, dementia care supports, training opportunities and much more…


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Aug 24th 2018
Vol 1, Issue 14

In This Issue

Stylish siloSummer was busy and hot for us all in Leitrim this year and now the Festivals and Shows are almost over and life takes on another rhythm as schools reopen and the weather turns cooler.

Leitrim PPN plans to be busy in the last months of 2018. Check out the diary dates for news of policy meetings, information sessions and Plenary. If you or your community wants input into matters discussed or to raise new items, please get in touch. That’s what the PPN is for.

Updates on work in progress and Community Enhancement Programme below as well as a Community Finance Information Session taking place on Sept. 13th next. There are a number of items that would be of interest to people with memory issues or their carers and an additional funding stream was made available under CLÁR for accessible transport for wheelchair users and transport services for cancer patients.

A new feature is the Focus on Members. This week we’re looking at the work of Tullaghan Development Association. If you would like us to feature the work of your group, or to find out more about any items in this issue, please get in touch by email – info@leitrimppn.ie or call, Tracy at 087 183 1253.


Leitrim PPN Research Proposal Accepted

In March of this year, you the Leitrim PPN members, voted for the PPN to see if anything could be done to solve issues around planning for one-off housing in the county relating to waste water treatment.

L-R: Dr Brian McCann, Bernard Greene, Philip Rooney, Francie Gilmartin, Eileen Clinton and Mary McKiernan.

Contact was made with Dr Brian McCann of Sligo institute of Technology. Dr McCann has a specialist interest in waster water treatment and he developed a research proposal for Leitrim PPN. This proposal was brought to senior planning and environmental staff of Leitrim County Council and it is hoped that work on this will start as soon as September.

For more on this CLICK HERE.

Community Enhancement Programme 2018

Well done to all of you for getting your grant applications submitted. It’s a big job for all voluntary groups but can provide great rewards.The applications are being processed and assessed currently. Recommendations will be made to the LCDC and it is thought that applications will be approved by mid to late September. Good Luck and we await the announcements.


Leitrim PPN Members were well represented at a recent workshop on EU Funding presented by Emma Murtagh from The Wheel. The event was co-hosted by European Information Direct Centre (EDIC), Sligo and Sligo and Leitrim PPNs.

EU funding is considered a minefield by many. How do you find out about it, what’s suitable , how to get partners and how to apply are just some of the oft-asked questions. Emma’s presentation provided a useful overview of the range of funding and the capacity needed to apply. She provided useful brainstorming templates and detailed information on Europe For Citizens’ Town Twinning Fund.

Full details of the presentations and templates for workshopping can be found HERE.

EU Direct Info Session in Sligo


The coming months will be busy for everyone as the summer ends and many community activities start up again for the Autumn. Here are some of the dates you might want to note in your diary. Meetings that have PPN Representation are included where we have them. In general, questions or agenda items need to be submitted at least a week in advance. Best advice is just get in touch when the matter arise.

10th Sept              Safe Talk for World Suicide Prevention Day, Mohill
13th Sept              Community Finances Information Session
14th Sept              Peace IV Partnership Meeting
18th Sept              SPC  for Economic Development, Enterprise and Planning
20th Sept              Ballinamore Municipal District Meeting – TBC
25th Sept              SPC for Environment, Transport and Infrastructure
26th Sept              SPC for Housing and Social & Cultural Development
27th Sept              NW Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force Meeting
27th Sept              Carrick on Shannon Municipal District Meeting – TBC
1st Oct                   Joint Policing Committee Meeting
4th Oct                   Manorhamilton Municipal District Meeting – TBC
7-13 Oct               World Mental Health Week
10th Oct                 Love Where You Live Awards
11-12 Oct             National PPN Conference, Athlone
7th Nov                  Leitrim PPN Plenary
13th Nov               SPC  for Economic Development, Enterprise and Planning
20th Nov               SPC for Environment, Transport and Infrastructure
21st Nov                SPC for Housing and Social & Cultural Development
26th Nov               NW Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force Meeting
3rd Dec                  Joint Policing Committee Meeting


When: Thursday Sept. 13th, 2018, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Where: Lough Allen Hotel, Drumshanbo
Late last year Leitrim PPN Member groups were asked what topics they wanted help with and funding and being grant ready came through as a clear winner.
money in pots

Presented by Leitrim PPN, this information session will bring speakers from funding agencies and community banks together to give helpful tips about funding applications and raising match and bridge funding for your projects.

Find out about:

  • Being Grant Application Ready;
  • LEADER Funding;
  • Council Funding;
  • Community Finance Ireland;
  • Clann Credo;
  • Insurance for Community Groups;
  • Local Fundraising and Sustaining your Group;
  • Tips on personal banking security;
  • Calendar of funding opportunities.
CLICK HERE for more information.


Tullaghan Development Association

Tullaghan is the only part of Leitrim on the Wild Atlantic Way and it gives our county the shortest coastline in Ireland and in Europe!

The community in this seaside village have had a resurgence of activity in the past couple of years and it has lead to them being extremely busy in 2018. Read More…

New Alzheimers and Dementia Supports

If you have memory issues or care for a loved one with Alzheimers or dementia there are two articles on our website that might be of interest to you.

The Memory Technology Resource Room is a room where people with memory difficulties can see and try a range of products to make independent living easier. It is located at St Patrick’s Community Hospital, Carrick on Shannon.  For more CLICK HERE.

The Leitrim Memory Cafe has announced its dates for 2018/2019. This informal grouping provides a safe social gathering for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia and their families get to chat with each other over a relaxed cuppa. There is also an informative talk by an expert at each cafe. For more CLICK HERE.


Certified Courses
September is a great time to take up new activities and there are loads of opportunities for study. This might be a course that is certified and helps you in your life or just something you might enjoy learning more about.  For accredited courses make sure to check out the course on offer in your local centres. Check out the full range of course available through Education & Training Board.

Learning for Volunteers

Sligo Volunteer Centre and Sligo PPN are hosting webinars – online learning – for matters relating to running your voluntary group. For More CLICK HERE.


Uplands Study Visit Grant                                                      Closing 27th Aug at 5 pm
UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty                                   Closing 31st Aug at 12:00 pm
CLÁR Support for Mobility and Cancer Care Transport         Closing 31st Aug
Additional Funding for Mens Sheds                                        Closing 31st Aug at 5 pm
Green Energy Grants for Community and Businesses           Closing  14th Sept at 5 pm
Traveller Leadership Grants 2018                                          Closing 20th Sept
Traveller Identity Grants                                                         Closing 20th Sept
Social Change Grants Scheme 2018                                    Closing 28th Sept at 4 pm

We do our best to publish the local and most relevant funding opportunities in the newsletter. There are others. Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter communications and the website: www.leitirimppn.ie

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