Leitrim PPN Forestry Policy Review – Update

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Contributing to Policy through Leitrim Public Participation Network

Over 150 submissions informed a recent forestry consultation carried out for Leitrim PPN. Full Report and Motion to Leitrim Council available here.
Leitrim PPN Representative, Scott Coombs, submitted the attached report to the Economic Planning and Development Strategic Policy Committee on 23 April 2019. Click on the image below to download full report.
Cover of Leitrim PPN Forestry Review Consultation Report
The report does not instruct the Leitrim County Council to take specific actions. Rather, it sets objectives that, based on the response of the contributors, would increase the well-being of the people of Leitrim; which is the fundamental objective of Leitrim PPN. There are widely divergent views on this topic, and instead of siding with any particular viewpoint, the report seeks to blend them all into a set of objectives that can benefit everybody.
Motion to Leitrim County Council
The following motion was passed at the policy committee in relation to it;


That Leitrim Economic Planning and Development SPC accepts and welcomes the report (“Public Consultation on Forestry Activities in County Leitrim”), recognising the active citizenship shown by Leitrim communities and Leitrim PPN in communicating their views on forestry activities in Leitrim and in exploring how forestry can best contribute to the well-being of the communities and people of Leitrim.

That, in response to the report, this SPC will study the report and in relation to each objective will advise the PPN (a) the means (be it policy, plans, programmes, authority or other mechanism) by which the Local Authority can contribute to achieving the objective, or (b) the reasons the local authority cannot contribute to achieving the objective.   

That this SPC commits to bringing the report to the full council for discussion prior to completion of the CPD review.

Leitrim PPN and Scott Coombs, who prepared the report, pass on our thanks for all contributions to this important issue.
We hope you will remain active in the debate and we’ll keep you up to date on response from Leitrim County Council.

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