Leitrim Environmental Monitoring

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A new project called Leitrim Environmental Monitoring has been set up by Leitrim PPN Member Group, Love Leitrim. The project provides a channel for the people of Leitrim to document activities that affect their environment, both before and after the activity takes place. It also allows the public to build up a detailed local picture of environmental change as the effects of climate change accelerate. With smartphones almost ubiquitous and drones becoming more prevalent, the opportunities for people to gather and publish valuable data about the environment has never been more feasible. You are invited to join in.
Video from Meenymore Forest Floor taken from Leitrim Environmental Monitors Facebook Page

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Initially, they are focusing on forestry activities. The clear felling of approximately 40 acres in Meenymore is due to start in June and local residents have been in contact with Coillte, who have welcomed local input on baseline monitoring of visual, biodiversity, infrastructure and water quality impacts.
At approximately 19% Leitrim has one of the highest levels of forest cover in Ireland, second only to Wicklow. At the same time, Food Wise 2025 policy targets require a tripling of afforestation in Ireland by 2021.
As afforestation and felling activities increase under the current policy, Love Leitrim hope that people of Leitrim will participate in this project to promote the highest standards in design, planning, and management, protecting biodiversity and public health.
This is a community project. If you want to participate, use the hashtag #leitrimemonitors or mention @leitrimemonitors in your Facebook posts. Their page is https://www.facebook.com/leitrimemonitors/



For details on a recent Leitrim PPN Consultation on Forestry Policy and outcomes, check our webpage at – https://www.leitrimppn.ie/leitrim-ppn-forestry-policy-review-update/


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