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It was with great pleasure that we launched the online map of Leitrim Defibrillators at the Bush Hotel on March 14th.

This project, carried out by Leitrim PPN and Leitrim Volunteering Information Service under Leitrim Development Company, only happened because of the great communities in Leitrim that shared information and knowledge.


National Radio Coverage

Now it is being held up as an example that other counties could follow and other PPNs have been in touch to find out how we did it. Leitrim’s own Carole Coleman was on hand the night of the launch and she followed up with a lovely item on RTE Radio 1, This Week show. To listen to the item – CLICK HERE



HANDS for LIFE – CPR Training

One of the points that came out of the night was the need for continued CPR training and how to get funds for that. Leitrim PPN approached the Irish Heart Foundation. They are currently running Hands for Life training across the country. This community based CPR training is free and it concentrates on recognising cardiac arrest, making the 112 call, listening to the call taker and knowing your Eircode. Candidates then get to practice hands only compressions on a manikin and there is also a section on AED awareness, choking, child CPR, recognising stroke and the difference between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack. Please note that those who attend the training must be over 18 years.

Hands for Life Community CPR Training

In order to get the training to Leitrim we need to get at least 30 participants registered. The Irish Heart Foundation will then extend the training for another 2 sessions for 30 people as long as we can do this at the same venue. If you would like to avail of this training please get in touch:

email: info@leitrimppn.ie                                   phone: 087 183 1253

When providing the free courses the aim is to have 3 sessions per day in one location, with 30 attendees in each therefore at least 90 individuals can be trained.

A certificate of participation will be available but this is not recognised as CPR certification if you are renewing your registered skills.

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