LCDCs – Review of Local Community Development Committees

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LCDCs Review – Started in October 2017, this review sought to assess strategic and operational development of LCDCs in the three years since they were established and to identify opportunities to strengthen and support them in the coming years.

Issued in July 2019.

In Brief

The results of the review highlighted a range of challenges for LCDCs and findings are presented under four themes –

  • Governance and Structure;
  • Strategic Effectiveness;
  • Participation and Engagement; and
  • Administrative Support and Development.

You can download the complete review from this website by clicking on the image below.

Cover of LCDCs Review July 2019

Common Concerns

Two or three messages emerged consistently. These issues cut across the four thematic areas above.

To this end, the report recommends the Department takes a stronger role at national level, leading on cross-Government coordination of local development and community development and securing greater national and local buy-in to the nascent structures. This is supported by recommendations grouped under the following three objectives –

  • effective communication of the LCDC role to relevant local and national stakeholders,
  • comprehensive training and support for LCDC Chief Officers, LCDC members and local authority support staff, and
  • streamlined supports for LCDCs to sustain effective programme delivery and impact

Actions arising from these recommendations are included in Objective 5 of the Five-Year Strategy to Support the Community and Voluntary Sector in Ireland.

Participation & Engagement with LCDCs

Respondents suggested more guidance and direction is needed to improve engagement, particularly  with more marginalised communities.

Many felt this should be secured by improving engagement with Public Participation Networks  (PPNs), linking this to the need for greater communication within and between LCDCs, as well as between LCDCs and communities.

Communication – The review showed reasonable progress to date with good practice approaches emerging across many LCDCs, though it also emphasised the need for stronger and more  consistent communication in this regard.

Collaboration – Respondents felt the collaborative nature of initiatives progressed at a local level had improved in the three years since the committees have been established; they were keen for this to be built on with support from local and central government.

It is recommended the next review be carried out in 2021.


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