JPC – Joint Policing Committee details for PPN Representation

Joint Policing Committee – JPC

JPC  or Joint Policing Committee offers an opportunity to develop greater consultation, cooperation and accountability between An Garda Siochana, Local Authorities and elected local representatives, with the participation of the community and voluntary sector, on the management of policing and crime issues. Leitrim PPN has 4 seats on the Joint Policing Committee in Leitrim

JPC – What does it do?

It serves as a forum for consultations, discussions and recommendations on matters affecting the policing of the local authority’s administrative area. In practice it should and can:

  • review levels and patterns of crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour in that area (including misuse of alcohol and drugs), and
  • the factors underlying and contributing to the levels of same;
  • advise the local authority and Garda Siochana on how they might best perform their functions and anything feasible that can improve the safety and quality of life and to prevent crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour within the area,
  • arrange and host public meetings concerning the matters affecting policing in the area;
  • establish local policing forums in neighbourhoods where necessary.

The ultimate purpose of a Joint Policing Committee is that decisions made are informed by local knowledge and interest. It allows the local authority and local policing to act in the best interests of crime prevention and public order.

Leitrim Joint Policing Committee Strategic Plan 2015-2020: Each Joint Policing Committee is required to develop Strategic Work Plans which must be linked with other appropriate plans and strategies.  In this regard, the JPC must put in place a 6-year Strategic Plan linked to the relevant objectives in the Local Economic and Community (LECP) Plan of the local authority.  The JPC is also  required to develop an Annual Work Plan which as well as linking to the LECP Plan, must include relevant objectives from the Garda Annual Policing Plan applying to the local authority area. Leitrim JPC commenced work on their Strategic Plan in 2015 and the plan was approved by the Members in February, 2016. A copy of the Strategic Plan is available here: Leitrim Joint Policing Committee Strategic Plan 2015-2020.pdf (size 824.4 KB)


JPC – How Does it Work?

The Leitrim JPC normally meets at least 4 times a year at mutually agreed times and dates. In practice, these meetings are held during normal working hours Mon- Fri. One of these meetings is a public meeting which is held in the evening.


Leitrim PPN Representation:

Before each meeting, the representatives are asked if they have any questions for the meeting. This is issued to the members of Leitrim PPN so that issues of interest to them may be raised. Each Leitrim PPN Representative has the right to raise two questions for each JPC meeting.

Questions must receive a response and representatives should provide feedback on every meeting for the Leitrim PPN membership. Example of feedback  – CLICK HERE.


JPC – Who is on it?

13 LA elected members,

5 Oireachtas elected members,

2 LA officials,

2 An Garda Siochana,

6 community members of whom 4 are Leitrim PPN.


More Detail:

The complete details of the Leitrim Joint Policing Committee and the requirements of Leitrim PPN Representation can be downloaded from this site at the following links:


If you are interested in nominating or being nominated for 1 of 4 Leitrim PPN JPC Representative vacancies – CLICK HERE – for form and other vacancies.


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