Why Should Your Organisation Join Leitrim PPN?

Leitrim PPN can provide your organisation with invaluable local and regional networking opportunities. You will also get greater access to regular news and information about training, funding opportunities, events and policy making decisions relevant to the County.

By joining Leitrim PPN your organisation will get:

  • Access to relevant information on funding and grants coming through the Local Authority and other local, regional and national organisations.
  • The opportunity to advertise the activities of your organisation via the Leitrim PPN newsletter, website, Facebook and Twitter accounts and emails.
  • Access to capacity building and training events which will support your organisation in its work.
  • Access to information on decisions and proposals being made in Leitrim, or that affect Leitrim, and the ability to comment on and input to them, along with other Leitrim PPN member organisations.
  • The opportunity to network with and learn from other organisations in Leitrim, and at a regional level, who may be involved in similar types of projects.
  • The opportunity to become part of a Linkage Group for a Board or Committee of interest and be able to have your organisation’s views heard in contributions to local policy. For instance Strategic Policy Committees.
  • The opportunity to nominate members to sit on a Board or Committee on behalf of Leitrim PPN.


Any group who…

  • Is active in Leitrim County
  • Has more than five (5) members
  • Is non-party political and non-sectarian
  • Is a minimum of six months in existence
  • Is a company limited by guarantee, but not for profit

If requested, be able to establish your bona fides as a community or voluntary group /organisation (for example, does your group/organisation have a set of rules, a constitution or terms of reference. If not, maybe you have minutes of meetings, a website or a brochure / leaflet about your group/organisation)


STAGE 1: To register please complete and submit the form below. Complete Stage 1 before submitting required documentation. 

For more on why the information provided should be as complete as possible, please see our related article – CLICK HERE.

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Please note – groups formed around specific local issues are not eligible for PPN membership, for example, groups formed around opposition to a particular local planning application. In the event of a dispute regarding eligibility, the PPN Secretariat will determine eligibility for membership.

Please note – To qualify for membership Environmental Pillar of the PPN your group/organisation should:

Groups/organisations registering under the Environment Sector may be subject to validation by the Environmental Pillar at a national level. In general Tidy Town Committees are not regarded as eligible to join the Environment Sector and should join the Community & Voluntary Sector instead. However, if you feel strongly that your group should be in the Environmental Pillar your application will be submitted to IEN for advice.)

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