Invitation to Tender / Expression of Interest to Host Leitrim PPN

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Background to this invitation to tender

Leitrim PPN is required to undertake a process to agree an arrangement for the hosting of the PPN.

This will involve selecting a voluntary organisation from within the county to act as host of the PPN budget, to act as the employer for PPN staff and to act as the office base for the organisation. This process and arrangement will in no way impede the independence of the PPN in terms of policy and decision making ability.

The requirement

The host organisation shall:

  • Provide a legal structure through which the PPN can operate.
  • Perform the role of employer for the new PPN Resource Worker and Support Worker.
  • Provide appropriate serviced and accessible office accommodation.
  • The successful organisation will be required to sign a service level agreement annually with Leitrim PPN and Leitrim County Council.

The initial hosting period will be for 3 years, subject to annual review.

Submitting a Proposal

Interested parties are hereby invited to submit a proposal on the Proposal Submission form available by clicking here.

The closing date for submitting a response is: Monday 19 July at noon.

  • Submissions should be emailed to

Final Invitation to Tender Leitrim PPN

The closing date for queries or clarifications was: Monday 12 July at noon.

The following queries were received:

Question 1: Should the cost of setup costs (i.e. computer equipment and furniture) be included in the annual hosting fee?

Answer 1: No. Initial start up capital costs will be provided for separately and should not form part of the annual hosting fee. The PPN will work with the new host with regard to these requirements.

Question 2: Can you provide guidance on how much other PPNs spend on hosting fees? 

Answer 2: Around 10 PPNs pay a hosting charge or management fee. The mechanism for determining this fee varies across PPNs – with no standard followed. This information is not published. Fundamentally, the applicants need to determine what a viable hosting cost is for them while presenting a competitive overall proposition – taking into account the requirements and constraints of the PPN as outlined in the hosting information documents. It may be worthwhile reaching out to a PPN or two who operate in a hosting scenario, they may be able to provide a steer. Some PPNs who are hosted include: Wicklow PPN, Dublin City PPN, South Dublin PPN, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown PPN, and Galway City PPN.

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