Insurance for community groups-national survey

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Have your say on the rising cost of community insurance



PPN’s throughout Ireland are aware of the growing financial burden that rising insurance costs have on the work of community groups and activities across the country. In order to raise your concerns at national level, we need to know the facts and gather evidence. How are costs affecting your work in the community ?.

The PPN network will present this information at national platforms on your behalf..


In order  to do this we are conducting an anonymous survey. Excerpts from what you tell us will be shared to help inform a national response around this issue.

The survey takes around four minutes to complete. We would like to hear your views..

The closing date is July 12th,

Use the link below:

According to an article in the Irish Independent of 25/06/2019..

Some voluntary groups are being hit with premium rises of up to 60pc, according to Ivan Cooper of The Wheel charities association. He said a survey carried out in conjunction with the Alliance for Insurance Reform shows that 22pc of voluntary groups said the cost of cover was threatening their future.

The groups get half of their funding over average from the State, but they are being forced to use around 10pc of their income for insurance.

The Association of Irish Festivals and Events (Aoife) said community functions were being put at risk by the surge in insurance costs, with many events struggling to get cover.

Aoife’s executive director Colm Croffy said local authorities were now asking community groups to get their insurers to provide the county council with indemnity of up to €9.6m. This was up from €1.6m a few years ago.

Every €1m rise in the indemnity was costing festival organisers another €1,000.

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