Insurance for Community & Voluntary Groups

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A number of you have been asking about insurance for your groups. However small or informal your group is, you’re going to need cover. You can insure yourself against almost anything, but it costs money. The high cost of insurance has been an ongoing problem for many community & voluntary groups.  Hopefully we’ll never need, it but insurance is a way of protecting ourselves as groups and our most valuable asset, our members.

Community InsuranceCommon Insurance Policies

The most common policies cover Public liability, Building and contents cover and Vehicles. If your group is a limited company, charity or employs people you might also want to consider Employer’s liability, Directors and officers liability and Professional indemnity.

Shopping Around

Your group may be affiliated to a wider organisation that offers member cover, but it is still worth while shopping around to see if you can do better than the suggested cover. Also, ask if your policy will cover accidents to members during and/or on the way to activities if this is something that is relevant to your group. Can groups in your area doing similar things come under a blanket policy of cover?

What it won’t cover:

  • getting into debt
  • defamation,  or
  • breach of contract.

Think very carefully, therefore, before entering into any legal undertakings, such as renting premises, hiring staff, leasing a photocopier, etc.

Each organisation must decide for itself which types of insurance are most crucial for their operation.

Who covers Groups in Ireland?

A quick internet search for Insurance for community groups Ireland will provide you with a wide range of companies and brokers that specialise in community and voluntary group cover. They may not be the only ones and you should always check with your own broker, someone you trust and/or other groups to see if they are happy with their insurance.


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Happy Hunting and may you never need the insurance!

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