Inland Fisheries Ireland Sponsorship Programme 2019

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Each year Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI), depending on the availability of resources, provides support to groups, associations, clubs or other appropriate bodies to assist with Events which meet the aims of the IFI Sponsorship Programme.

In Leitrim, the World Pairs Angling Championships, the Ballinamore Coarse Angling Festival and the National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland’s All Ireland Championships were awarded funding as part of the scheme in 2018.

Eligible events and categories for 2019 are as follows (in order of priority):

  • Large international competitions held in Ireland which showcase Ireland’s angling and contribute to local economies, supporting jobs and businesses. Maximum of €3000 per event applies.
  • Novice angler events & training courses which increase participation in angling including funding of transport hire for participants to facilitate attendance at novice angler events. Minimum of 20 novice angler participants required. Maximum of €500 per event/course applies.
  • Information dissemination / initiatives to promote fisheries awareness / conservation and protection of the inland fisheries and sea angling resource / promotion of angling as a key Irish tourism activity e.g. Production of high quality angling promotional videos / seminars / coaching / training / workshops etc. Maximum of €500 per event applies.
  • Juvenile and minority angling teams representing Ireland at international events both home and abroad. Maximum of €500 per team.

For the purposes of the support material and sponsorship application form, Event is used to describe any appropriate inland fisheries, recreational angling, education and awareness or other appropriate event, competition, item, initiative etc. as described above.

Aims of the IFI Sponsorship Programme 2019

The IFI Sponsorship Programme aims to increase awareness of IFI, its work, recreational angling in Ireland and the inland fisheries resource. IFI may support events on the basis of:

  • Location and nature of the Event;
  • Potential of the Event to introduce new users to angling in an active capacity, i.e. not just as spectators;
  • Education/Increased awareness/Empowerment of stakeholders in the areas of recreational angling/environmental/commercial fisheries/habitat issues/increasing tourism offering;
  • Development of non-established Events; Support of established events
  • Increased participation in National & International Events for Juvenile/Female/ anglers of disability.
  • Distribution of sponsorship across all angling disciplines and all River Basin Districts in equal proportions where possible;
  • Promotion of equal opportunities events.
  • Promotion of Events that can draw large numbers/repeat visits of angling participants to rural areas

Children and Vulnerable Adults

Event organisers should follow the Children First National Guidance 2017 on working with children. You will find this at the link HERE. As per the Children First Act 2015 and the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 all event organisers and those assisting in the event must be Garda Vetted.

Forms of Support Available

Financial support subject to maximum limits set out above and available budget. Staff, equipment loan and location supports are subject to availability.

IFI will not financially support:

  • The provision of hospitality, where the hospitality is the central or core aspect to the support sought from IFI;
  • Events where the primary function of the Event is fund-raising;
  • Prize money.

What Is The Deadline For Applications?

All applicants for financial support must complete and submit the online Sponsorship Application before January 18th, 2019. Applications will not be assessed until AFTER the submission closing dates. Applications for non-financial support can be submitted at any time

How Do I make An Application For IFI Sponsorship Funding?

You will have to make an on-line application for IFI Spronsorship funding. Full details about making an application, terms and conditions and application criteria can be found on the IFI website HERE

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