In an Emergency – Map of Leitrim Defibrillators

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Emergency – If you had an emergency situation with friends or family, at home or out, would you know where to get a defibrillator?

Mapping of Leitrim Defibrillators

Input from community groups all over Leitrim has resulted in this first issue of an online map of public defibrillators across the county. We expect that there are more devices at more locations and hope that you will help us get the map up to date over the coming weeks. The map of public defibrillators  was created by Caillin Reynolds of Leitrim Volunteering Information Service,Leitrim PPN and Leitrim Development Company – working in cooperation with each other and community. Submissions and amendments from the public are welcome.



This map is for information purposes only. The first point of contact in an emergency should be the emergency services. Ph: 112/999. For useful information about how an emergency call works CLICK HERE.


Using the Map:

For ease of use: click the top right button  – Full Screen icon – to open the map in the Google Maps app/website.

  • Each icon represents a defibrillator at a particular location.
  • Red icons are those that are functional, blue are unknown functionality, and grey are not functional (at the time of publishing November 2018).
  • Clicking one of defibrillators will bring up the legend.  This contains all the information we have about the defibrillator (e.g. the eircode, its position at that location, any access codes, time accessible etc.).
  • You can also click the directions button – Directions button– in the top right of the legend to open up directions to that defibrillator in google maps.

We would appreciate the help of the public to ensure this map is as accurate as possible. In particular we need more information on the blue icons on the map – whether they are working or not. Please use the contact form on the page or email us for forwarding to let us know if your local defibrillator is working.

If you want to find out more and bookmark the website go to Leitrim Defibrillators .



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