Important Guidance Templates For Charities

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The Charities Regulator has launched the first set of guidance materials and templates for the Charities Governance Code. The Charities Governance Code Toolkit will assist charity trustees to implement the Code within their organisations.

Why Should You Implement This Code If You Are A Charity?

1. To show the Charity Regulator that you take compliance seriously, and should remain a charity.

2. That you can show other organisations, for instance, GRANT PROVIDERS, that you are a complaint charity. Many grant providers will seek compliance with the Governance Code.

What Is The Purpose Of the Guidance Materials?

The purpose of the suite of guidance materials and templates is to assist charities in meeting the minimum standards set out in the Code, thereby enabling charity trustees to effectively manage and control their organisations,”

In addition to publishing guidance materials and templates, The Charities Regulator also hopes to roll out training nationally on the Charities Governance Code in the second half of this year.

The seven documents, which make up the first tranche of the Charities Governance Code Toolkit are as follows ( each of the following is a link to the document in provided by the Charity Regulator):

The Charity Regulator has announced that this year is the ‘learning year’ where the Charities Regulator is asking charity trustees, i.e. anyone on the board or committee of a charity, to prepare for the Code.

Charity Trustees can expect to see the Toolkit’s second set of guidance materials and templates within the next few weeks. Please keep your eye on Leitrim PPN’s website and social media channels for further updates on the new documents and templates.

Some Additional information about the Governance code and the tool kit can be found HERE

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