Harnessing Leitrim’s Oral History

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Did you know that your Granny’s was the first family in the village to own a TV? That your elderly neighbour used to spend time going to house dances for fun? Or that your former teacher was brought up on a farm, dining out on their own bacon supply? Maybe you just haven’t asked!

Everyone has a story to tell and passing these stories on through generations is what makes our culture and traditions so rich.

Leitrim County Council’s Heritage Office, with funding from the Heritage Council, is launching an Oral History Project to harness our local stories and memories. Oral history is evidence of the past told directly by those who actually experienced it; it is living history and part of our everyday lives.

Get involved
Send some highlights from your interview, between 200 words to 800 words, and including an overview of the person, their memories and stories, to the Leitrim Heritage Officer (smalone@leitrimcoco.ie).
We’ll consider these and get back to you to let you know if we want to add these to our Oral History Project.

Closing date for submissions June 1st 2020.

We want to hear firsthand stories about what life was like across Leitrim decades ago, and gather experiences, attitudes and practices directly from those who know best. We want to connect our modern community with the cultures and traditions which have shaped today’s Leitrim. And we need your help to do it! We are looking for people to go find those stories and bring them to us.

Our elderly family members, neighbours and friends may be in self-isolation at the moment but we can still connect with them about their past recollections. You can ask your grandparent over a Skype, shout across to a neighbour or write to someone you know. And let us know what you’ve gathered. We’ll consider the stories as a platform for our Connecting Through Heritage project later this year and pick our favourites. We’ll then help you interview and record your subject so that these conversations and stories can be preserved for the future.

Go to www.leitrimheritage.ie for tips on how to prepare for and carryout you interview.

‘Connecting Through Heritage’ is a Leitrim County Council Heritage Project which is funded by the Heritage Council. This Oral History Project has been run in partnership with Leitrim County Council Heritage Office, Leitrim County Council Library Service and One Little Studio

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