Green Energy Grants in Leitrim

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Green Energy Grants for Community Groups and Businesses in County Leitrim

Leitrim Local Community Development Committee is delighted to announce the launch of a call for applications for the installation of Renewable Energy Technologies in Communities and Businesses across County Leitrim. Funding for this scheme has been made available through the Rural Development Programme, financed by the Irish Government under the Rural Development Programme Ireland 2014-2020 (LEADER) and by EAFRD: Europe investing in Rural Areas.


With the ever increasing demand to reduce energy emissions it is fitting that an opportunity is made available for Leitrim’s communities and businesses to obtain grant support towards renewable technologies. Support will be provided for the installation of Solar Water, Solar Electric (Photovoltaic), Wind, Hydro, Heat Pumps and Biomass Technologies. Support is also available for complementary technologies including energy management systems and battery storage when installed in conjunction with a renewable technology.


Leitrim Local Community Development Committee are particularly interested in organisations who are considering installing Photovoltaic Systems. Due to the significant price reduction in this technology the potential economic benefit for communities and businesses is substantial when incorporated with grant support. Communities receiving a 75% grant toward installation can expect a payback of less than four years while Businesses receiving grant support of 50% can expect a payback in less than eight years. Given the ever increasing fluctuations in the energy market and the ongoing effort to go green there has never been a better time to consider the benefits of locally sourced green energy.

Nigel Brady, Director – Bryson Energy along with installers at a recently completed Photovoltaic Installation

The installation of Photovoltaic Systems is well established in Northern Ireland and a support for domestic installations is due to start shortly in Southern Ireland. Nigel Brady, Director in Bryson Energy commented “The advances in Photovoltaic Technology has been significant in the past 20 years. Modern installations are extremely efficient, practically maintenance free and offer excellent reductions in energy bills for communities and small businesses”.

Community Organisations who have a substantial daytime use in their centres and have access to a south facing roof or have the potential for a ground mounted system should be particularity interested in this scheme. Enterprises with a workforce of less than 200 employees, turnover of less than €50M and Balance Sheet less than €43M are also invited to apply and those that have a substantial daytime base load of electricity will be particularly suited to apply.

It is expected that most community installations will not exceed the Micro-Generator limits of 4KW on single phase and 11kW on three phase, however businesses that require larger installations to meet their base load will be considered. Most installations will also likely be exempt of planning however we will work closely with all applicants to ensure the process is as simplified as possible.

There is expected to be significant interest in this scheme. Community applications will be evaluated as part of a competitive targeted call whereas business applications will be dealt with on a first-come, first-reviewed process. All projects must score in excess of 65% to be considered for funding.

For further information or to register your interest please contact James Duffy, Rural Development Officer, Leitrim Development Company on 0719641770 or The closing date for organisations to register their interest is Friday 14th September at 5pm.


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