General Meeting of Leitrim PPN – April 3rd 2019

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Please share with your group members

Leitrim PPN group members are invited to attend the General, or Plenary, Meeting of Leitrim PPN. This takes place on

Wed. April 3rd at 8:00 pm

at the Lough Allen Hotel, Drumshanbo.

Please let us know if you and/or other members of your group will attend by RSVP email, phone call or letter.
Comments from the members regarding location of meetings have been noted. Drumshanbo is seen as a central location from most parts of County Leitrim. This can be discussed.
Also, Leitrim PPN seeks to use community venues where possible. It was not an option on this occasion.
You are welcome to submit items for inclusion. The draft agenda is likely to include the following:
  1. Welcome & Secretariat Feedback
  2. Minutes/Matters Arising
  3. Waste Water Treatment Research – Update
  4. Forestry Policy Review Process – Update
  5. Re-imagining Rural Communities – Update
  6. PPN Resource Worker – Update
  7. Local Community Development Committee PPN Reps Feedback
  8. Leitrim PPN Work Plan 2019
  9. Leitrim PPN Constitution, Reps’ Charter and Policies & Procedures
  10. AOB /Questions & Answers
  11. Date of Next General Meeting

Note: In light of the forthcoming local elections and potential changes of Representation across the PPN, it has been decided to hold elections after May 2019 when the number of posts and requirements are clear for all committees and boards. This will be discussed.

11. Review of Documents
All Public Participation Networks across the country are reaching the 5 year mark. Also, with the forthcoming local elections, many of the sitting committees will change and ask for different representation. This is a good time for asking you to review the guiding documents of Leitrim PPN for the next terms of office.These are available at the links below or contact the Resource Worker by email or phone to request a hard copy.

If you want something in the Constitution, or Reps’ Charter or Policies and Procedures changed or added please let us know by March 20th and submit wording of changes by March 27th – You can write it yourself or fill in this form. This is so we can let the members know before they come to Plenary. You should be able to attend yourself in case you need to backup the reason for proposed change.

Remember, all are welcome to the General meeting.
As ever, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have related questions.
Phone: 087 1831253


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