Funding opportunities for local communities

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There are a wide range of funding opportunities now available for local communities.

Funding opportunities exist for a number of nonprofit organisations.

They cover areas such as the Environment, EU, Arts, Events, etc., etc.

Among the grants available is the Community Environment Action Fund.

This fund assists sustainable development from the ground-up.

Projects involve partnership arrangements between the local authorities and various local groups.

Eligible projects are those which support and complement national environmental policies at a local level.


Meanwhile, the Creative Europe Programme helps the cultural and creative sectors to seize the opportunities of the digital age and globalisation.

The Erasmus+ programme is a European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport and includes European exchanges.

Elsewhere, the European Youth Foundation has an annual work plan grant on offer and structural grants available.

These provide financial support for European youth activities and its purpose is to encourage co-operation among young people in Europe by providing financial support to such European youth activities which serve the promotion of peace, understanding and co-operation in a spirit of respect for the Council of Europe’s fundamental values such as human rights, democracy, tolerance and solidarity.

Among the other grants and funding available is the Culture Ireland Grants, which promotes Irish arts worldwide. It creates and supports opportunities for Irish artists and companies to present and promote their work at strategic international festivals and venues.

The Church of Ireland Priorities Fund, meanwhile, raises and distributes money, on behalf of the Church of Ireland, to various worthy projects in Ireland, including training, etc.

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