Lifelong Learning – Free Workshops at NUI Galway

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Free Workshops – Community Education

NUI Galway is  offering a series of free workshops throughout the month of June. The workshops offer a range of practical tools that can help us use our life skills to produce better outcomes for ourselves and those around us.



The workshops include:

Understanding Conflict

Conflict is part of our daily lives. How we respond to conflict can determine if the outcomes will be constructive or destructive in our lives. This workshop explores the causes and dimensions of conflict and offers opportunities to develop responses that will lead to constructive outcomes.

Dates: Tues 19th June (2-5pm), Thurs 21st June (6:30-9:30pm) and Weds 27th June (2-5pm)


Resilience – a tool for beating apathy!

The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with some tools and methodology to reduce the effects of apathy and build some resilience in order to implement desired changes. It concentrates on the strengths and life skills we possess and explores practical methods we can use to improve our lives.

Dates: Tues 19th June (10am-1pm), Mon 25th June (10am-1pm) and Weds 27th June (6:30-9:30pm)


Better Outcomes Better Futures

This workshop explores ways in which we can use strategic planning tools to plan for better outcomes in our lives. It introduces participants to a practical planning tool which can assist them in implementing changes in their lives.

Dates: Thurs 21st June (2-5pm) and Mon 25th June (2-5pm)


Funding Applications

This workshop seeks to provide practical tips and techniques for writing funding applications in relation to projects, actions or activities in the community and voluntary sector. It considers the skills and language necessary to complete effective funding applications in an effort to bring about positive change within our communities. (See also our own short guide to being Funding Ready – CLICK HERE)

Dates: Friday 29th June (10am-1pm)


To register, please go to:


Workshops Timetable NUIG
Full Timetable for Life Skills Workshops, NUIG , June 2018


If you have any queries, contact Helen and the team at Community Education:

Email –

Phone – 091-495241/ 091-495472


Courses in 2018-2019

-BA: Community, Youth & Family Studies (Degree)

-Diploma: Community Development Practice (Cert./Diploma)

-Certificate: Youth Work Practice (Certificate)

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