Fracking ban signed into law by President Higgins

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ban fracking


President Michael D Higgins signed the Prohibition of On-shore Hydraulic Fracturing Bill into law in Aras an Uachtaran last week meaning fracking now legally banned in Ireland!

“We are so delighted and overwhelmed! This is such an achievement – that a campaign started of by a few dozen people in Leitrim could result in a change in our country’s is a truly amazing and a real win for democracy,” said GEAI spokes-person Aedin McLoughlin. “It is hard to realise that our campaign is now over for this part of the island and we have succeeded in getting the Irish Government and law-makers to stop fracking from coming to Ireland.
“Today we in GEAI want to thank the extraordinary campaigners and volunteers who never gave up, even when public interest waned.  Thanks to those who responded to the call for yet more campaign efforts – “No Fracking”, “Stop the Study”, “Sign the Pledge”, “Back the Bill”, to mention a few. -all important steps on the road to today, the day that Fracking in Ireland died.”

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