Formal Launch of Leitrim Defibrillator Map

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The online map of publicly accessible defibrillators was launched at the Bush Hotel last night, Thurs. 14th March.

Members of Community Defibrillator Schemes and First Response Groups from all over Leitrim gathered with representatives of Leitrim Gardai and Fire Services and the National Ambulance Service (NAS) to welcome the map created from community-led demand from South Leitrim Community Network.


Leitrim Defibrillator Map

This map is for information purposes only. The first point of contact in an emergency should be the emergency services: Phone 999 or 112.

Don’t wait for an emergency to find out where your nearest defibrillator is. Check it now, keep a note on the fridge or your noticeboard – somewhere you can get it quickly.


For a handy guide to using the map on your laptop or smart device – CLICK HERE. 

Video presentation coming soon.


The project involved collaboration between Leitrim PPN, Leitrim Development Company, Leitrim Volunteering Information Service and the National Ambulance Service, Leitrim Gardai and, most importantly, the communities in Leitrim who generously helped. This map represents the first and most comprehensive mapping of public defibrillators anywhere in Ireland.


Launching the Map

Caillin Reynolds (LVIS), who developed the map gave a demonstration of how easy it is to work online. The audience could see the ease of use. Both he and Tracy Ferguson (L PPN) took questions from the floor and Mark Callanan, Community Engagement Officer with The NAS  also provided useful information and clarification on the operation of the ambulance dispatch and the relationship with Community First Response Groups. All the speakers were keen to stress the importance of calling the emergency services before doing anything else if you find someone in trouble.


The audience, many of whom have attended emergencies in their own communities, had knowledgeable questions and suggestions regarding the training of Cardiac First Responders in communities and how to best reduce the costs involved. Tracy advised the audience about the potential of CLÁR and Community Enhancement Programme funding for purchase of equipment and maintenance items. The group were keen to source funds for training and were advised that any opportunities for this would be advised. All the groups involved will be kept informed of developments as funding arises and new opportunities for learning, from each other and agencies like the Irish Heart Foundation and NAS.


Garda Superintendent Kevin English congratulated the team and the communities on the important work done. He said it marked was an important step in helping with early intervention in a rural county like Leitrim. Twenty gardai in Leitrim are trained in CPR and serve as a First Response Team.


Work Continues

Tracy Ferguson of Leitrim PPN acknowledged that the project is ongoing: “We are aware there are gaps and we need the continued support of communities to get the right information. Tonight is a great starting point and we have more action to take.”


If you know the location of a public defibrillator in Leitrim  or can add to the map, please get in touch as soon as you can. You can contact Cailin or Bernie at 0719 6 31715 or Tracy at 087 183 1253. Alternatively, email and SAVE A LIFE today!


For more on what to expect when you call an ambulance, CLICK HERE

To listen to the RTÉ radio report from the This Week programme with Carole Coleman – CLICK HERE.




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