EU Funding for Community & Cultural Groups

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Europe for Citizens Funding for Community and Cultural Groups

Europe WordleWhat do you think when you think about Town Twinning? You probably picture signs on the outskirts of towns and formal agreements between municipalities all over Europe. But, did you know that community and cultural organisations in Ireland can also engage in short-term town twinning projects?

Under Europe for Citizens Town Twinning funding, your community or cultural group can apply for a small grant to help fund 25+ European visitors to take part in a series of events in your area, celebrating European culture, citizenship, solidarity and debate. This is a unique and accessible opportunity to forge connections at a European level and increase the profile of the important work around culture and engaged citizenship that is enriching communities all over Ireland. The priority theme for the current round of funding is European Cultural Heritage but if your project relates to something else –

Who is it for?

In a word, YOU:  local groups that carry out events fostering appreciation of culture and history, active citizenship, debate, volunteering, and inclusion, including town twinning committees, local festivals, historical and cultural groups, volunteering initiatives, etc.

Note: the applicant organisation must be a legal entity and have a bank account in the organisation’s name.

What will it fund?

It will contribute up to €200 per person towards the travel costs of 25+ people to participate in a series of events over at least 3 days.

When Is the deadline?

The deadline for 2018 has not been confirmed but it is generally held to be 1st September 2018. Successful applicants are usually notified by Dec/January and you have a until the end of 2019 to spend the funds.

How can I find out more?

Contact the Europe for Citizens National Contact Point, Emma Murtagh, at

If you there are enough groups interested we might be able to get training sessions organised to help better understanding of the fund and applying. Please contact Tracy at Leitrim PPN to register interest.

Links to Documents and Websites:

Priorities 2018-2020

Town Twinning

How to Apply

Register To Apply here

Application Form

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