EPA Event Support Funding 2019

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The EPA research programme has allocated a budget to provide funding to support workshops, seminars and other events.

Normally the amount of funding per event will not exceed €3,000.

Funding is provided only for events with a clear relevance to Irish environmental research priorities and on the condition that the events are run on a not-for-profit basis.

The event should showcase current national research by the organisers and EPA funded-groups, and also could include an international keynote speaker.

In terms of audience/participants, the event should target other researchers working in the area and the expected end-users of the research (e.g. Local Authorities, EPA, DECLG, Industry).

How Do I Make An Application?

Applications should be made online via Smart Simple, the EPA’s grant application and project management portal HERE

How Many Times A Year Is This Funding Available?

Funding is available as a rolling call with four submission deadlines each year (31st March; 30th June; 30th September and 31st December).

Applications for events taking place within the first 28 days of a call period must be submitted prior to the closure of the penultimate call period (i.e. an application for an event taking place between 1st and 28th January must be submitted by the deadline of 30th September).

A response shall be communicated to applicants within one month of the call deadline date.

What Should My Application Include And What Weight Will be Given Under Each Heading?

Requests for funding should be made using the appropriate application form using the following headings:

  • Background and Work Programme (20 marks)

  • Relevance to Environmental Research in Ireland (30 marks)

  • Expected outputs and benefits (30 marks)

  • Environmental Policy (20 marks)

Applications will be judged competitively against others received in the period using these criteria and with regard to the need to balance funding across institutions and thematic areas.

What Will I Need to Provide Post Funding?

Successful applicants will be expected to provide the EPA with an ex-post report on the event, including photographs where relevant for publication on their website.

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