Environmental Pillar Widens its Criteria

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Many groups across the country have expressed their desire to be part of the Environmental Pillar. They could not meet the entry requirements. In response to this, the Irish Environmental Network, the deciding body for environmental groups, has issued new entry guidelines CLICK HERE.

See the cover letter below:

Letter from Catherine O’Toole, IEN

Dear PPN members,

My name is Catherine O’Toole from the Environmental Pillar. I am working to increase engagement in the environmental electoral college of the PPN. As part of my work we have recently revised the criteria for inclusion in the environmental college. These revised criteria should make it easier for smaller groups to get involved. They include an updated list of automatically eligible groups, as well as suggested groups for inclusion in the environmental college. I have also outlined some other ways to get involved in the environmental college below, and have addressed some commonly asked questions.

If you are interested in switching electoral colleges please read the information below and contact Tracy Ferguson at info@leitrimppn.ie  

Main Criteria

The main criteria to observe is A.1: “The primary objectives and activities of the organisation must be Environmental (i.e. ecological) protection and / or environmental sustainability.” If a group does some environmental work, but the main thrust of their work is focused elsewhere, then they should join the more relevant electoral college. If the groups main focus is environmental, then their work will show this and they should be eligible for inclusion in the environmental college.

Local Environmental Networks (LENs)

LENs are being created all around the country. The aim of the LEN is to reach out to individuals with a wide range of environmental interests. The LENs are focused on gathering those not yet involved with the PPN and giving them a way to participate. Each LEN aims to create a central hub for the county through which anyone with an interest in any environmental issues can discuss issues, ask for advice, share knowledge and experience, and promote local green events and volunteer opportunities.

The Leitrim Environmental Network will also be a member of the PPN. This means that any of it’s members can get involved in the environmental college of the PPN. If you are an individual in an existing PPN member group who has an interest in environmental issues, you can join the LEN and get involved in the environmental college. To be added to the mailing list for information and updates regarding Leitrim EN please email catherine@ien.ie.

Tidy Towns

The national Environmental Pillar would like to see Tidy Towns complying with the criteria on a national level for inclusion in the environmental college. Discussions are currently under way with the Department of Rural and Community Development in relation to this. Our aim is to assist the Department to update it’s competition to focus on sustainable communities. This is, however, a long term goal. Until this objective is achieved, individuals from Tidy Towns with a keen interest in the environment can get involved in the environmental college through the Leitrim Environmental Network.

Thank you for all of your work with the PPNs. If you have any further questions please get in touch.

Many thanks,


Catherine O’TooleDevelopment Officer


01 878 0115

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