DM Thomas Foundation Grants For Young People

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The DM Thomas Foundation has a rigorous grant process which aims to identify the most effective projects helping disadvantaged young people in the UK and Ireland.
Applications are received for quarterly deadlines from registered charities are first assessed by the Foundation office, with a shortlist of approximately 20 of the strongest and regionally representative applications put forward for consideration by our Grants Committee. The Grants Committee comprises independent members and members nominated by the Foundation’s business partners and meets quarterly to discuss the applications. There is approximately £200,000 available to distribute each quarter.
Applications from groups working in the areas of education or health with one of the
DM Thomas Foundation’s three chosen focus groups are selected or considered:

  1. Children and young people with disabilities
  2. Children and young people who are sick in hospital
  3. Children and young people who are life limited (requiring palliative care)

If favoured, grant applications for up to £5,000 can be approved by the Director, up to £10,000 can be approved by the Grants Committee, and applications for more than £10,000 are recommended to the Trustees for final approval. The DM Thomas Foundation is a small charity and generally will not make awards of over £30,000 (per year). Funding can be requested for up to 2 years for any particular project.

Reapplications are welcome, however unsuccessful applicants are asked not to reapply for at least 12 months from the date of their rejection letter. Successful applicants are asked to wait three years before reapplying.

The Foundation receives thousands of telephone and email enquiries and hundreds of completed applications each year, making the grant award process highly competitive. To help us to help you, please read our application guidelines and restrictions carefully. Unfortunately, with a limited grant fund we are unable to respond favourably to all requests, however worthy. We provide specific feedback on grant rejections where guidance and improvements can be made however due to the volume we are unable to provide specific feedback to first round rejections given the competitive nature of the process.


The remaining 2019 application deadlines are:

  • Tuesday 23rd July 2019
  • Tuesday 8th October 2019

Please ensure your completed application is received both electronically and hard copy by 5.30pm on the date indicated in order to be considered.

Applications should be sent by email to Large files can be sent across multiple emails or via a free online service (such as to the email address

Eligible applications received after the deadline will be retained for the next funding round. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All received applications are acknowledged by email, once the hard copy has been received and logged.

The Application Pack Can Be Downloaded Using The Links Below:

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