Digital Strategy – Have Your Say for County Leitrim

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Leitrim County Council is in the early stages of preparing a Digital Strategy as part of a national initiative.

Now is the time to have your input as the consultation process begins.

The strategy looks at digital skills, innovation and entrepreneurship, digital services and community.

The survey for is for all community groups and organisations in Leitrim. It is short and easy to respond to. This is your chance to voice concerns about coverage, skills and anything else that is relevant.

The survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

It is the first step of the consultation process which includes a workshop later this year. You can be part of this workshop process too through completing the survey.

The survey can be found here:

Leitrim County Council is working on this strategy with partners in Roscommon, Longford and Cavan.

This will help set the context for the strategy within this region.

The report of findings is due for completion towards the end of this year. Survey open until further notice. Act now.

If you have any questions  contact Rebecca Farrell, Economic Regeneration Officer, Leitrim County Council, at

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You might like to Consider:

  • Is your coverage consistent and fast enough for your needs?
  • Do you have the skills you want to be confident with technology?
  • Are you being pushed to use more technology than you want?
  • How could technology make your community work better/easier/more efficient?
  • Do you have the skills and tools to make this happen?
  • Can you point to an example of the good use of technology in community work?


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