Creative Training – ‘Selfies and Me’

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Across the Lines is running a fun creative programme for women taking place at the Glens Centre, Manorhamilton.

Selfies and Me

Fun Facts: More than 1000 selfies are posted on Instagram every second of the day. Millennials spend more than 1 hour weekly on ‘Selfie Duty.’ The first Selfie was made in 1839. New technology has heralded a ‘Selfie Phenomenon’.

 Taking a Selfie

This short programme will be delivered by the group worker and artist Rachel Webb. The focus is on images and  social media -‘selfies’ and self portraiture. Participants will have a chance to develop new skills, think a bit differently about our own images, a chance to meet and share with others in a small group-  and we promise some fun!  


There will be other opportunities for one off workshops and celebratory events at the end of the programme.


When and Where?

The programme will take place on 8 Tuesdays at 7:00 pm from 12th Feb 2019 at the Glens Centre, Manorhamilton.



To register, please email a sentence on why you would like to take part along with your name and contact info to –


Selfies and Me Poster



Darker Side of Social Media workshop posterAlso next Tuesday 12th Feb. at 5:30 pm Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company are hosting a 1 hr and once-off interactive workshop exploring ‘the darker side’ of social media, the questionable things that can happen that deny rights and privacy and contravene consent.  They very much would be interested in hearing women’s experiences of the social media.


Open to all Cross community and cross border. 









For other types of training available at the Glens Centre CLICK HERE.

Selfies – Other interesting facts:

Self portrait by ParmigianinoYou might think selfies started with smartphones, but they have a much longer history. The first-ever selfie was painted in 1524 using oil on wood. In “Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror,” 21-year-old artist Parmigianino depicted his own reflection. This young artist had no idea he was 500 years ahead of a booming trend!


The First Selfie EverParigianino’s oil painting self-portrait aside, the first photographic selfie as we know it today was taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as tapping his thumb on an iPhone’s front-facing lens. Cornelius had to set up the camera on a stand, remove the lens cap, run into the frame, sit for five minutes, then sprint back and replace the cap. In this exhausting process, he took what is believed to be the first photographic self-portrait.


City of most selfies

Though selfies are a global phenomenon, it turns out that some cities produce more than others. Time investigat ed the geography of selfie-snapping by building a database of more than 400,000 digital self-portraits with the caption, “#selfie.” They then mapped out the photos’ geographic coordinates and managed to rank 459 cities based on the number of selfies they generated. The study concluded that Makati City in the Philippines is the ‘Selfie Capital of the World,’ followed closely by Manhattan and Miami.


Women taking selfiesIn every city analyzed, women take more cities than men—but the differences greatly vary by area. In Bangkok, women take 55.2 percent of all selfies, which isn’t that much more than men. In New York, however, women take 61.6 percent of selfie snaps, which is considerable. Moscow, by contrast, has the greatest disparity, with women taking a whopping 82 percent of all selfies! It seems Russian men simply aren’t that interested in documenting their own reflection.


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