Community Hedge Cutting Grant Scheme Deadline Extension

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What is the Community Hedge Cutting Grant Scheme?

This scheme encourages a joint approach with communities and groups of local residents and landowners for the cutting of hedges/trees which need attention along the Public Road Network. The deadline for this grant has been extended by Leitrim County Council until January the 31st 2019.

What Should I Know Before I Make An Application?

The general Terms & Conditions of the Hedge Cutting Grant Scheme are as follows:-

  • Leitrim County Council will provide a Grant of €75 per km of roadside hedge/overhanging trees to be attended to along the Public Road Network.
  • Minimum length of road network per application is 2 km. If hedges are set back from the road edge and safety considerations allow, it may not be necessary to cut these sections of hedges but such sections can count towards the 2km minimum continuous length.
  • Grants will be calculated based on the actual length of hedging/trees which require attention rather than on the length of road which is incorporated in the road network submitted in an application. Where hedging/trees on both sides of the road need attention, the length to be included in the grant calculation will be doubled.
  • All hedges to be cut should be inspected for Japanese Knotweed and Ash Die-Back. These plants should not be cut.
  • The road network to which an application for grant refers must be continuous
  • Termination Points must be at Junctions rather than at an arbitrary location along the length of a road/roads
  • All Hedge Cutting must be carried out between September 1st and the last day of February
  • Closing Date for Applications for Grant Scheme is Thursday 31st January, 2019
  • The area proposed for Hedge Cutting must be agreed in advance with the District Engineer, Leitrim County Council.
  • Works for which grant approval is confirmed must be completed in the same season.
  • No grant will be paid out until Leitrim County Council is satisfied that all hedges/tree cutting required has been completed to the required standard.
  • Each Community/Group will be required to nominate a contact person through whom all correspondence will be channelled
  • Communities will undertake and organise the hedge cutting works and pay for same
  • Communities must ensure that the Contractor engaged to complete the hedge cutting works is appropriately insured and is compliant with Health & Safety requirements and confirm same to Leitrim County Council.
  • Communities must give a minimum of 7 days notice of intention to carry out the works to the Local District Engineer’s Office. Leitrim County Council will not consider any works for funding where the works have been carried out in advance of the Grant Funding being approved.
  • Hedges should be cut to the appropriate height, width and shape consistent with both road safety objectives and best practice hedge row management. Where there is direct conflict between the two, road safety requirements will take precedence. Branches overhanging the roadway should be cleared to a minimum height of 5.2 metres. On footpaths there must be a clearance to a height of 2.1 metres.
  • In the event of a large number of applications for funding under this Grant Scheme, priority will be given to those roads which facilitate school bus and other public and special needs transportation routes.

How Do I Apply?

The Community Hedge Cutting Grant Scheme Application Form is available HERE

Completed Application Forms should be submitted as soon as possible but not later than Thursday the 31st of January 2019 to the:

Administrative Officer

Roads Department

Leitrim County Council

Park Lane House

Carrick on Shannon

Co. Leitrim

Telephone No. 071 9620005 Ext. No. 604 / 606

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