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Does your organisation struggle with its Annual Report ? If so, you are not alone.

The Community Foundation for Ireland has given over 35 organisations a grant of €1,000 to help them produce their annual reports. They still have funds available to small organisations who commit to put their annual report on their website, have a target list of stakeholders they want to receive the report and make it available to anyone who would like a copy.

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Annual Reports tell your organisation’s story, accounts for your funding and ultimately, tell your stakeholders what you do. These Reports are a key element of accountability and influencing policy and can act as a valuable tool for organisations marketing their activities.

The community Foundation for Ireland has up to €1000 available on a first-come first-served basis to those who best meet the criteria. To see if your organisation is eligible for a grant and apply CLICK HERE.



  • Include an informative listing of income sources and spending headings
  • Report on your organisation’s operations, its impact and the policy issues arising from your work
  • Use photographs and illustrations to tell your story
  • Include a list of your Board members and staff
  • Involve the rest of your organisation
  • Keep your message and your target audience in mind at all times

This is your opportunity to ensure that people who read your annual report and financial statement understand the work you do, the issues that motivate and concern you, the needs of your organisation and what you want.  It can be a key instrument of change, influencing people, raising funds and getting your message across.

Below are four links that you may find helpful in the preparation of your Annual Report. The first two provide a link to the 2016 Annual Reports of Helium Arts and Care Alliance Ireland who were winners of the Carmichael Good Governance Awards 2016/17. Also linked are tips to guide your organisation when undertaking this work, and an upcoming training session being run by the Carmichael Centre entitled ‘Preparing an Annual Report’.

EXAMPLE A:                       Helium Arts Annual Report 2016

EXAMPLE B:                        Care Alliance Annual Report 2016

TIPS:                                     Directory of Social Change: 3 Tips for Creating Better Annual Reports

TRAINING:                          Training Session: Preparing Annual Reports


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