Community Enhancement Programme Extra Funding For Leitrim

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Good news for Leitrim’s community groups, in addition to the €129,223 announced for Leitrim under the Community Enhancement Programme (CEP) in May of this year an extra €54,048 has been granted to fund projects in Leitrim.

The CEP was originally launched in May 2018 and brings a range of benefits to a wide variety of recipients/facilities, such as childcare groups, playgrounds, recreational groups, sports grounds, landscaping, and the elderly. The CEP programme replaced and built on two existing schemes (the Communities Facilities Scheme and RAPID).

Typical enhancements under the CEP could include the renovation of community centres, community amenities, improvements to town parks and common areas and spaces, and the purchase of equipment which is used to benefit the community.

The additional funding has been allocated in a way that takes deprivation levels into account and is designed to benefit those communities that need it most, whether in cities, towns or rural areas.

Based on the extremely positive response to the Community Enhancement Programme funding announced earlier in the year and the evidence that more worthwhile initiatives could benefit from support, the Minister has decided to allocate a significant further tranche of funds under this Programme.

The funding will be used to fund applications that were made under the original call in May, but which were not funded or not fully funded.

Good news all round for Leitrim on the allocation front and remember, the Community Enhancement Programme will be open for applications again in or around May 2019. Keep an eye on the Leitrim PPN Facebook page and website for updates on applications for 2019.

You can also keep an eye out for updates on the scheme at the Community Enhancement Scheme home page on the DRCD website at the link HERE.

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