Community Actions for Enhancing the Environment

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The Waterford Environment PPN Linkage Group have been discussing a list of simple actions communities can take to enhance their environment. Simple and low cost actions which all communities can implement.

We have been asked to publish for all member groups. Leitrim is known for its environmental care. Let us know if you have these in place in your area already. Also, what can we add?


  1. Support and promote Fair Trade products in your purchase of hospitality items.
  2. Plant (and label) trees where possible in your community.  Label existing trees in your community.labels for trees
  3. Organise a guided eco-walk in and around your community; Local Wildlife groups etc will be happy to organize..
  4. Put a bee-hive plan in place, where appropriate and safe – Greenways? Parks, gardens.
  5. Put bird-boxes in place – local Mens’ Sheds may be willing to help.Bird and bat boxes
  6. Put in a community composting area.  Relevant to community groups.
  7. Ask you Local Authority if they have a grass cutting policy and time frame? Does it take account of breeding seasons, and habitats, eg hedgerows
  8. Implement a reduce, re-use and recycle principle in your community.
  9. Implement one or two ideas from the All Ireland Pollinator Plan.
  10. Develop an eco friendly  and/or community garden.
  11. Agree a plan to leave verges and roundabouts “uncut” and therefore pollinator friendly (this has been a great success in Waterford)
  12. Organise local outings to inspiring examples of ‘caring for our common home’ –  e.g. Cabragh Wetlands near Thurles and locally in Waterford: the Dunhill Wetlands and Fenor Bog.
  13. Use LED light bulbs

The Leitrim Environmental Network is open to all and meets regularly. You can contact them through Facebook – Leitrim Local Environmental Network – or by email:

For more about the background to local environmental networks – CLICK HERE

See also, Birdwatch Ireland booklet for communities  – Saving Swifts



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